Emric Sordason

* High Concept:* Rebellious Son of Surtr Trouble: Harbinger of Ragnarok * Other Aspects:*
  • Raised in Legend A Rage Terrible to Behold I Will Not Rest Spirit of War in this Ring I’ve Chosen My Side
  • Superb – Weapons, Might Great – Conviction, Endurance Good – Discipline, Intimidate Fair – Lore, Alertness, Athletics, Average – Scholarship, Resources, Investigation, Presence, Deceit

Attacks: Beortning [Hidden] +9; [Revealed] +10

  • Inhuman Might –2, Marked by Surtr –1. Inhuman Toughness –1 [Catch – Cold], Immune to Fire -3, Wizard’s Constitution –0, Pyromancy –2, Item of Power – Beortning –2, Human Guise – 0;

Total refresh spent –11

Beortning [Sword forged by Surtr to herald the Final War – Ragnarok]– Breath fire –2; Bane – Once Beortning has killed a creature, it acts as the Catch for all other creatures of the same type.

Focus item: Gauntlet of mail forged of volcanic iron, with a long cuff of splints that reach near to the elbow. +1 Defensive Fire Control.

  • Physical 6 – 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mental 4 – 0 0 0 0 Social 3 – 0 0 0

Background: Where Did You Come From? Fathered by Surtr, the Lord of Muspellheim, upon a powerful mortal sorceress named Harokkin, Emric grew up in the northlands of Sweden where the Nevernever crossed into that cold and forbidding land. The only child of a distant mother, he knew little of his inhuman parentage. All his questions to his mother regarding his absent father were met with stony silence or blistering rages. [Rebellious Son of Surtr] He was taught the rudiments of sorcery to harness the fire that burned in his heart, and basic glamourey to craft a seeming to conceal his inhuman appearance. Harokkin told him tales of the ancient days of his people, the fey folk nearby, and schooled him in the use of his own powers. It was a hard, lonely life, and Emric had few tender moments in his youth. [Raised in Legend].

Rising Conflict: What Shaped You? One day, half grown, Emric is startled awake to find his home ablaze. Arising, unharmed by the flames, he is met by the gargantuan form of Surtr, standing amid the burning ruins of his house. Surtr reveals to Emric their relationship, and Surtr’s plans for him – that Emric will bear the Sword of Doom, Beortning, and blood it with the lives of god, mortal, demon, fey and monster, so that Beortning might learn to be their Bane . When Emric refuses, they quarrel and Emric attempts to leave, only to find himself magically held. Surtr places his mark upon Emric and gifts him with the Sword of Doom. Emric rages against the restraint, but is only able to break free after the Mark and Sword are his, and he theirs. Surtr laughs as he departs, saying that Emric’s will is of no concern, he will fulfill his father’s designs no matter what. [Harbinger of Ragnarok] Emric left the blazing ruin, only to face Harokkin. She grappled him, and lifting him form his feet, hurled him to slam into a nearby cliff. Surging to his feet in a rage, Beortning in his hand unwilled, Emric slashed at his mother, severing her right arm. Screaming, the seeming she had maintained these long years fell away and her true form horrifies him – a nightmare hag clutching the stump of her arm. She cursed Emric and his mother, then fled. The words of the hag Harokkin were a revelation. For all his short youth Emric thought that the cold and distant Harokkin was his mother. Now he knows differently, but is at a loss as to where to search for her, if she lives at all. Driven from the his home by cold and privation, Emric found his way south and into the army of King Gustav Adolphus. He distinguished himself in the fighting against the Danes and Russians and caugfht the attention of the King. They soon became friends. A firend was something new to Emric, he was fiercely loyal to Gustav, saving his life on more than one occasion. His strength, prowess and battle-fury earned him the nickname ‘Vigtroll’ – Wartroll. [A Rage Terrible to Behold].

The Story: Blood Eagle – When the King was still new to the throne, amid the troubles of the war with Russia, a sorcerer, of ll line of the Svear, Kings of Sweden in ancient days, plotted to bring about the Rise of that dynasty once more. Through an evil, elder ritual known to the Germanic tribes even before the time of the vikings, Arinbjorn Svear, sacrificially murdered first peasants, yhen enemy soldiers, and finally kidnaps Gustav’s youngest sister Christina to force Gustav to give up the throne. Emric tracked down the sorcerer and confronted him in the ruins of the ancient Svear stronghold outside of Uppsala. He killed Arinbjorn and freed Christina. Which in turn kep Gustav from announcing his abdication. [I Will Not Rest!].

Guest Star: The Long Journey Home – In Amadan’s quest to find his way back to the Feyfolk, he runs afoul of the same witch that has enthralled Emric. Together the diminutive fey and the hulking half-giant learn her secrets and escape her clutches. In the stuggle, Emric bit off the little finger of the witch. The finger bore a ring, which now graces Emric’s hand, having grown to fit as it was put on. [Spirit of War in this Ring].

Guest Star Redux: The Warlock of Vienna – When Isabella is confronted with the disapearance of children in Vienna, she and Amadhan work to free them from the their captor – a Warlock. Emric recognizes Amadan just as the pair lead the children out of the sewers. When Amadan begs him to tarry there and wait for the authorities he can hardly refuse. When the authorities do not appear, Emric is busied by the demon sent by the black wizard. He plunges Beortning through its heart and allows the others time to escape. Then he pursued Amadhan to discuss the favour he had just done him. [I’ve Chosen My Side!]

Emric Sordason

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