Isabela Valdstejn


Character name: Izabela Valdštejn

Player: Penny

Template: Wizard

High Concept Aspect: Seasoned Wizard

Trouble Aspect: I could but I won’t

Summary of other aspects:

  • The cunning servant
  • Deadly arcane legacy
  • Quick to adapt
  • An eye for details
  • Packs a forceful punch


  • Alertness Good (+3)
  • Athletics Good (+3)
  • Burglary Average (+1)
  • Contacts Fair (+2)
  • Conviction Superb (+5)
  • Deceit Average (+1)
  • Discipline Great (+4)
  • Endurance Good (+3)
  • Investigation Average (+1)
  • Lore Great (+4)
  • Presence Fair (+2)
  • Rapport Average (+1)
  • Resources Average (+1)
  • Scholarship Fair (+2)
  • Stealth Fair (+2)

Note on languages: Czech, Italian, French, Latin

Stunts and powers:

Evocation (3)

  • Elements known: Earth; Air; Spirit/force [unknown: Fire; Water]
  • Specialization in Spirit/force – +1 to control
  • Focus item – ring of Spirit – +1 power offensive; +1 power defensive
  • Power/Control bonuses:
    • Earth: +5/+4
    • Air: +5/+4
    • Spirit/force: +7/+6 (refinement, specialization, focus item)
  • Rotes:
    • Quick veil
    • Shield
    • Whirlwind
    • [one open slot]
  • Refinement – Evocation (1)
    • +1 Spirit power (conviction); +1 spirit control (discipline)

Thaumaturgy (3)

  • Specialization – Biomancy (+1 control)
  • Focus item – Divination – crystal gem worn in a necklace (+1 compexity)
  • Focus item – Ectomancy – gold cross (+1 complexity)

The Sight (1)

Soul Gaze (0)

Wizard’s constitution (0)


  • Physical: 4
  • Mental: 4
  • Social: 3

Fate points etc

Power level: Submerged Skill cap: Superb Skill points spent: 35 Total available: 35 Base refresh level: 12 Adjusted refresh: 4


Phase 1 Background: Where did you come from?

Born to aristocratic Catholic parents near Prague, her mother died when she was very young and her father re-married. Her father was distant and her step-mother actively unfriendly. Izabela was raised by nannies, governesses and other household staff who realized that she had very little status in the household, especially compared to her younger half-siblings. The one exception was Marietta, a cook’s assistant and housekeeper who was kind to Izabela and taught her how to survive in an unfriendly environment.

Phase aspect: The cunning servant

Phase 2 Rising Conflict: What shaped you?

Izabela was sent to a convent at the age of 12 by her father and stepmother. As a novitiate, Izabela began to show signs of wizardly talent, and she was spotted by a nun who was herself a minor practitioner. Izabela was soon moved to a house in Italy where she was trained to be a wizard.

Ultimately she learns the truth about her background – her mother, Anna, had the talent and power to be a wizard, but no training. Bored with her life as a minor aristocrat in Bavaria, she fell in love with a young priest. When he did not return her affection, Anna discovered that she could change his mind for him, and did so. The two of them ran off together to Vienna, where they lived for a time. As Anna discovered more of her own power, she began to wreak enough havoc (“convincing” people to give them money) to arouse the suspicions of the White Council. The end came for her when she tried to get her poor enthralled lover to kill someone for her – he carried out her commands and then committed suicide. The While Council moved in on her and she was sentenced to death and executed. Izabela has a half-brother resulting from this situation. The White Council had begun quietly keeping an eye on Izabela after the problem with Anna was resolved, hoping to avert another such tragedy.

Phase aspect: Deadly arcane legacy

Phase 3 First adventure: The Warlock of Vienna

Izabela is sent to Vienna by the White Council to infiltrate a suspected Huguenot group and find out if there is anything brewing that the White Council needs to be concerned about. There have been reports of odd disappearances there. While investigating, Izabela falls in love with a young Protestant rebel and they work together to take down a Warlock who was planning a power sacrifice involving children. They succeeded with assistance from Emric Sordason and Amadan. In the aftermath, Izabela’s lover assumed she was a spy for the Catholic church and broke off their relationship.

Phase aspect: Quick to adapt

Phase 4 Guest star: Blood Eagle (Emric’s story)

Izabela observes the dark wizard’s preparations and advises Emrik on how the ritual can most safely be interfered with and stopped.

Phase aspect: An eye for details

Phase 5 Guest star redux: (Amadan’s story)

In the aftermath of the adventure with the Warlock of Vienna, where Amadan had helped to rescue a group of human children (in alarmingly pied piper fashion), Izabela owed Amadan a favour. She gets a chance to repay that favour in Paris, where she finds him in the company of several trolls who have been playing a very amusing game with him. Izabela prevents them from turning Amadan into a football.

Phase aspect: Packs a forceful punch

Isabela Valdstejn

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