Chaos between the death of the old world order and the birth of a new world order.

The accepted traditions of the past centuries have been eroded by the new ideas formed during the Renaissance. The old structures, ideas, and forms of government are no longer sufficient to the task of fulfilling the lives of the population, and are being torn down. But no single new vision is replacing them; instead, a multitude of different ideas and movements are competing to fill the vacuum, spreading war, chaos, and fear across the face of Europe.

Aspect: Change Born of Blood

Magic is being forced back into the shadows.

Two decades ago, it was acceptable – even fashionable, in some places – to take an interest in the occult. Rudolf II played host to philosophers and mystics, from Tycho Brahe and Giordano Bruno to John Dee and Rabbi Loew. After his death, the rising power of the Catholic Church in Bohemia is making it dangerous for those who inquire into the supernatural arts, and doubly-so for those who actually practice them. Even the Faerie Courts have withdrawn from the land, leaving behind scattered wyldfae and outcasts, and the magi and alchemists of Rudolf’s court have fled the city or gone into hiding.

Aspect: Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Supernatural and religious gang warfare.

With the chaos descending on Prague during the revolt, people have turned inward, toward those of their own kind. Factions – religious, regional, supernatural – have formed, and each group seeks to defend itself and its own piece of territory from others. Catholics vie with Lutherans, Hussites distrust both of them, as well as the Calvinists, the Jews have retreated to their ghettoes surrounding Gold Lane. Wizards are closing ranks against vampires, the abandoned wyldfae have formed their own coalition, the Petrunas Cult is rising again, necromancers contend with gypsies over the mausoleums and graveyards, and bands of feral shapechangers and ghouls roam the countryside, hunting freely amid the carnage of war. Everyone is a threat to everyone else, and everyone is doing what they can to defend their own.

Aspect: Turf Wars


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