The Emperor’s spies are everywhere.

Many of the citizens and nobility of Bohemia are Protestant only because it is currently expedient of them to be so. Catholic sympathies are present at all levels of society, and rumours of such sympathy can spell ruin. In addition, the Emperor and Church have sent their own agents into the city, seeking to stir up unrest and learn what they can of the plans and sympathies of those in power. Everywhere, people play a careful game, trying to figure out who they can trust without giving away too much.

Aspect: Words Are Weapons

Influx of Red and Black Court Vampires driven north and west by the Ottomans.

The Ottoman Turks had long experience combating vampires of the Red and Black Courts in the Balkans, and have added to the unrest in the Holy Roman Empire by having specially trained warriors, the Olanlar (“Doomed Ones”), drive vampires from their hiding places in the villages and castles of the mountains down into Bohemia. Many of them have taken up residence in the tunnels and sewers beneath Prague’s Old Town, in a loose community governed by Valentinus, a lord of the Black Court. Black and Red Courts share the twisting, cramped tunnels, under strict control so as not to draw the attention of the surface dwellers.

Aspect: An Uneasy Peace


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